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A Few Simple Steps

Junior MTM Fitness Solutions

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A Few Simple Steps

Optimizing your health is the driving force of Made To Move Fitness.
You accomplish this by allowing one of our Life Fit Personal Trainers to guide you through the following process:

Step 1 - Consultation to determine the best fitness and nutritional plan for your life.

Step 2 - Completion of a detailed health history questionnaire.

Step 3 - Design a training program that suits your needs, fits your budget and optimizes your ability to reach your health goals.

Step 4 - Discussing portion control and menu options that will increase plant-based whole foods into your diet.


Junior MTM Fitness Solutions

Your Life Fit Personal Trainer is well educated in working with the physiological needs of a young person in an MTM fitness program. Each training program is created to teach a healthier lifestyle to the youth of our community. All exercises are age-appropriate and safe while focusing on endurance, flexibility, and strength. Most importantly your child will learn that being fit can also be fun.

About Your Made To Move Life Fit Personal Trainer
Not all Life Fit Personal Trainers are created equal, and choosing someone can be quite difficult. At Made to Move we take out all the guess -work.

Your Life Fit Personal Trainers Are Well Prepared

Each Life Fit Personal Trainer has:

- Education in The Made To Move / Mind Body Method.

- National Certification

- A knowledge of healthy nutrition for an active lifestyle.

- A science-based purpose for perfoming each exercise.

- Tools necessary to work closely with your physician or PT.


Made To Move Fitness Advantages

Your Fitness Advisor, Life Fit Personal Trainer, Nutritional Coach and front desk team care about your success. You aren’t just a membership number, you are a human being with real needs and real goals, and we take both seriously. Our team is committed to making your experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

We want to be the ultimate resource for your healthy life. If you desire to know anything regarding your health, ask us. We’d love to discuss it with you. If you ever want more accountability for your fitness goals, talk with one of our fitness advisors and we can make the necessary adjustments for you. We’re here for you and your fitness journey.

Your Life Fit Personal Training Options- The following are a variety of private, group, and fitness membership solutions that will meet your very own individual needs. Whether you choose a private workout with one of our Life Fit Personal Trainers or you are just looking for quality classes, we have a solution for you. All of the Life Fit Personal Training options below include a fitness membership with unlimited classes for the duration of your training sessions. Prices vary depending on the package you choose.

General Strength and Conditioning - This program will help any young person who wants to participate in sports or any other daily life activity. Each session is designed to meet your child’s needs. They will learn proper nutrition while strengthening their minds and bodies.

Pre/Post Rehab - If you need to improve stamina and strength before surgery or recover from an operation we can work with your physician or physical therapist. Each trainer will create a program specific to the improvements necessary for a healthier you.

Partner Training - Share a dynamic training experience with a partner at a lower cost than a private session. This program enables each partner to hold the other accountable while having fun. The level of fitness is an important consideration in determining the best work- out partner to optimize the training session.

Tennis Specific Training - As part of our sports-specific training program, we are offering Tennis-Specific Life Fit Personal Training. The Tennis Professional and Life Fit Personal Trainer design a series of activities to meet your child’s specific needs. Each session will combine drills and exercises that are tennis-specific using strength, agility and flexibility training in the fitness center and on the court. As well as Tennis-Specific Training, we can meet the needs of any sport you desire.

Childhood Obesity - Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years. We are committed to educate and work with children ages 8 and up to promote health and balanced physical activity. Children and adolescents who are obese are likely to be obese as adults, and are therefore more at risk for adult problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. It is vital that your child develops good health habits.

Life Fit Kids Classes - Click here for classes & schedule

$100 Life Fit Kids Card (10 Classes at $10/class)