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It is a pleasure to provide fitness programs for the families of our community. The programs are designed to be educational, results driven, fun and supportive of a healthy lifestyle. We encourage all members to follow our motto, “Made to Move”, and to maintain a natural, well - balanced diet.

Choose from our sport-specific training, nutritional consultations, classes, general health club memberships and more. We maintain the highest standards for the benefit of our members. As always, we appreciate your interest and look forward to serving you.

-Team Made to Move

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Made to Move FItness: A Few Simple Steps

Your Life Fit Personal Training Solutions

About Your Classes

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Made to Move Fitness

A Few Simple Steps

Optimizing your health is the driving force of Made To Move Fitness.
You accomplish this by allowing one of our MTM Life Fit Personal Trainers to guide you through the following process:

Step 1 - Consultation to determine the best fitness and nutritional plan for your life.

Step 2 - Completion of a detailed health history questionnaire.

Step 3 - Design a training program that suits your needs, fits your budget and
optimizes your ability to reach your health goals.

Step 4 - Discussing portion control and menu options that will
increase plant-based whole foods into your diet.


Our MTM Life Fit Personal Trainer's Commitment to You

Our MTM Life Fit Personal Trainers have made a serious commitment to you. Unlike other trainers in the industry, they are committed to giving each client a biomechanically safe session that will never compromise the skeletal structure. In addition, they are certified as nutritional coaches to provide you with a holistic program for a healthier lifestyle. You choose the length of package that works best for your lifestyle and budget and we will do the rest.

About Your Made To Move Life Fit Personal Trainers
Life Fit Personal Trainers utilize a highly scientific approach in all aspects of their personal training.  Every movement that a Life Fit Trainer asks you to perform is based on what is best for your physiological orientation. During each session, your Life Fit Personal Trainer is assessing what is best for your body on that particular day.

The science of our training is confirmed by the wisdom of the natural movements of your body. 
Our mind body approach to training helps you relax while achieving a greater mind body synergy during your session. This scientific approach combined with our mind body method of training enables you to attain your physical goals in a more efficient and safe manner. This enables increased body awareness, focus, clarity of mind and a more process oriented approach which ultimately enhances your results.

Whether you are active or inactive, our Life Fit Personal Trainers will create a plan for you that meets your goals.  In addition, your Life Fit Trainer is trained in injury prevention and works effectively and professionally with clients who have been injured. All Life Fit Personal Trainers are highly educated in the symbiotic relationship between the skeletal and muscular systems. Therefore your trainer is often the next step after physical therapy due to the scientific approach to your health and the affiliations which they have forged in the local medical community. He or she will work closely with your doctor and physical therapist so that a comprehensive understanding of your complete health profile can be acquired.  As a result the Life Fit Personal Trainers often work with clients who struggle with obesity, chronic inflammatory diseases, osteopororsis and many other health related issues. 

Our Life Fit Personal Trainers receive a rigorous education so that they may provide you with the safest and highest quality experience. Their primary education comes from Hofstra University’s nationally accredited training program, the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education.  They annually receive extensive continuing education in the scientific/ mind body approach that is specific to being a Made to Move Tennis & Wellness educator.   

Your MTM Life Fit Personal Trainers Are Well Prepared

Each Life Fit Personal Trainer has:

- Education in The Made To Move / Mind Body Method.

- National Certification

- A knowledge of healthy nutrition for an active lifestyle.

- A science-based purpose for perfoming each exercise.

- Tools necessary to work closely with your physician or PT.


Your Life Fit Personal Training Solutions

The following are a variety of private, group and fitness membership solutions that will meet your individual needs. Whether you choose a private workout with one of our Life Fit Personal Trainers or you are looking for quality classes, we have a solution for you. All of the training options below include a fitness membership with unlimited classes for the duration of your training sessions. Prices vary depending on the package you choose.

Partner and Small GroupTraining
Share a dynamic training experience with a partner/group at a lower cost than a private session. The level of fitness is an important consideration in determining the best work-out partner/group to optimize the training session.

Tennis Specific Training
As part of our sport-specific training program we are offering Tennis Specific Performance Training. The Tennis Professional and Life Fit Personal Trainer design your sessions to meet your specific needs. Each session will combine drills and exercises on the court with strength and flexibility training in the fitness center. As well as Tennis-Specific Training, we can meet the needs of any sport you desire.

Pre/Post Rehab
If you need to improve stamina and strength before surgery or recover from an operation we can work with your physician or physical therapist. Your Life Fit Personal Trainer will create a program to optimize your recovery.

Training for Seniors
Research shows that a well-planned, progressive exercise program for seniors can lead to dramatic improvements in strength, balance, confidence and the ability to live independently. Many of the declines in physical fitness after age 65 are due to the lack of use, not just the normal aging process. We will design a program that is the best one for you.

About Your Classes

Designed to be accessible for all our members, Made to Move fitness classes are taught by certified group instructors and focus on giving you a holistic workout from beginning to end. We have a full line of dynamic classes that can complement your fitness and nutrition plan.

Click Here For Class Descriptions and Schedules.


Your Fitness Membership Options

Your Fitness Memberships allow you to take full advantage of our group classes and fully equipped fitness center. You will receive a full fitness center orientation with one of our nationally certified Life Fit Personal Trainiers to get you ready to work towards your fitness goals.

Our twelve-month membership. $48 per month. Introductory rate for first time members available.

Senior Annual
Individuals 65 and over receive a 10% discount on the
annual membership price.

Civic Duty Membership
In honor of all fire, police and military women/men.
Receive a 10% discount on the annual membership price.

Student Monthly
The student membership is a low cost fitness
solution for all college and high school students.

$40 per month with no commitment

Yoga Memberships

$48 per month for first 6 months and $58 thereafter.

$100 yoga card ($10 classes at $10/class)

$12 walk in

$32 unlimited yoga add on for our existing members

Life Fit Kids Classes

$100 Life Fit Kids card (10 classes at $10/class)