Made to Move Adult Tennis Programs

To Our Members,

It is a privilege to serve the families of our community. Each tennis and fitness program is both educational and fun, while maintaining a focus on the high standards that our clients deserve. We appreciate your interest and will always provide you with the best possible facility and programs available.

- Made to Move Team

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Our Natural Teaching Method

Hourly Court Fees

Private Coaching (Fall & Spring Semesters)

Tennis Fitness Development

Adult Performance Programs (Fall & Spring Semesters)

Additional Programs (Fall & Spring Semesters)

Summer Programs (Camp & Private Coaching Sessions)


Our Natural Teaching Method

The Natural Teaching Method is based on an understanding of the structure and function of the human body and its uniqueness, allowing for the creation of appropriate movements and shapes. Thus it will never compromise the musculoskeletal system. Focusing our clients through our mind/body teaching process, we teach key movements and exercises that strengthen the body as an interconnected entity. This mind/body connection maximizes the performance of the nervous system and specific muscle groups, leading you towards total body awareness and improvement of your strength, balance and agility. Our teaching method seeks to enable you to hit the ball effortlessly while empowering you to maximize athletic ability in a way in which you have never experienced before.
Our Teaching Professionals receive extensive training in the Natural Teaching method. This method is unique to Made to Move Tennis and Wellness and enables the professionals to teach a simplistic approach to biomechanics, unlike any other method. They, along with our Life Fit Trainers annually receive extensive in - house continuing education that is specific to being a Made to Move Tennis & Wellness educator.   

Hourly Court Fees

Weekday.............................Per Hour
Non Prime 6-9am................$56
Prime 9-11am......................$74
Special 11am-4pm..............$40
Prime 4pm-close.................$74

Weekend.............................Per Hour
Non-Prime 7-9am................$56
Prime 9am-4pm..................$74
Special 4pm-close...............$44
Holidays: Thanksgiving/December Recess/Winter Recess..........$40

Summer Rates:

Private Coaching (Fall & Spring Semesters)

Private Coaching Sessions - Our private and semi-private coaching sessions are designed to accelerate progress effortlessly; using visual, verbal, tactile and kinesthetic cues that deepen the student’s awareness of their athletic potential and learning capabilities.
20 Weeks....Tuition Varies

Injury Prevention
Adults and Juniors: These lessons are for those of you who are healing from an injury or want to prevent one. This is a great way to diagnose the biomechanics of your movement and strokes. We also work closely with your doctor and medical team if necessary.
....Tuition Varies

Tennis Fitness Development

Adult Tennis Boot Camp
One and a half hours of high-energy drills designed to increase your cardio activity while learning the proper
biomechanics of movement.
16 weeks plus one make up ….$585

Tennis Specific Personal Fitness Coaching (Fitness Center & Tennis Courts)
As part of our integrated tennis program, we are offering Tennis Specific Fitness Coaches. The Tennis Professional and Fitness Coach designs your series specific to your needs. Each session will combine agility drills and exercises on the court with strength and flexibility training in the fitness center. As well as Tennis-Specific Training, we can meet the needs of any sport you desire.
Tuition Varies

Adult Performance Programs (Fall & Spring Semesters)

Street Tennis
Street Tennis is a no frills program designed to get all students playing at a higher level right away. Our Street Tennis program can get beginners playing immediately. Our advanced players will be enhancing their strategy skills at warp speed Placement assessment is given by one of our professional Instructors. 16 weeks (1 Hour) & 1 Makeup....$512

Ladies USTA Performance Camp
Levels 1,2 & 3: Combined instruction consisting of drills, interactive play and biomechanics of each stroke.
Thursdays 9:30 - 11:00 am 16 weeks plus one make up….$785

Learn and Master
Join any of our lesson programs, then choose a time to practice your skills on a weekly basis at a discounted rate.
Tuition Varies 

Performance Clinics
Group lessons combine the teaching of proper biomechanics, drilling and strategy to raise the level of your game. All levels are welcome. They are one hour or one and a half hours in length. Choose times that best suit your schedule. Based on 3 or 4 students per court.
Tuition Varies

USTA Team Strategy
This strategy session is designed to raise your
level of competitive play. Mondays 9:30-11am
16 weeks plus one make up....$695

Monthly Workshops
Workshop themes change monthly. Each cardio intenseclinic is designed to incorporate various strategies and footwork necessary for successful match play.

11:30-1:00pm Last Thursday of Each Month....$40

Competitive Play
Fall/Winter Leagues and Summer USTA Leagues. Members are welcome to join a league appropriate to their level.
Tuition Varies

Early Bird Membership
This is a great way to play unlimited tennis: Monday - Friday. 6-9 am. Inquire for details. Monthly….$115

Additional Programs

Mixed Doubles Social
Levels 2.5 to 4.0 are welcome. Third
Friday of every month, don't miss the fun!
Per play….$28

Contract Court Time
Ask about our contract benefits - your court for the
season. Great for friends who wish to play at the same
time each week. Fee Varies

Ball Machine
A partner that never misses the ball!
Use the ball machine to work on all aspects of
your game. Normal court fee prices apply.

Visit Our Pro Shop
Visit our pro shop for expert advice on stringing
and tennis racquet purchases. We offer the leading
brand names and most current equipment.

Summer Programs (Camp & Private Coaching Sessions)

Adult Performance Camp

This high performance program is designed to enhance all aspects of your tennis game. Each session will focus on the biomechanics of each stroke, agility, proper movement and game strategy.

Mon. - Fri. 9:30am - 12:00pm
Session 1: June 29th - July 17th
Session 2: July 20th - August 7th
Session 3: August 10th - August 28th

$375 per week

Private Coaching Sessions

Our private and semi-private coaching sessions are designed to accelerate progress effortlessly; using visual, verbal, tactile and kinesthetic cues that deepen the student’s awareness of their athletic potential and learning capabilities.
12 Weeks....Tuition Varies